Where to find us?

Bloc House is located 12, rue du Pont, L-2344 Luxembourg. Click here for a map and further information about the location.


How to get to the gym? Where to park one's car?


Our gym is located 10 minutes on foot away from town. Click here for furher information on how to get to the gym best.

If you decide to come by car, you may want to look out for parking spots: further information here.



Can kids climb in our gym?


Kids need to have at least 12 year to climb in our gym.



What do we offer? 

We offer bouldering which is a a form of sport climbing performed without the use of ropes and harnesses and using bouldering mats to prevent injuries from falls. 



Is it possible to rend climbing equipment at BKL?


Unfortunately we do not lend any climbing equipment such as chalk or climbing shoes. Beginners who do not own climbing shoes are suggested to bring hard sole indoor sport shoes. Where can I buy my climbing gear? Visit Casper's Climbing Shop.



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