Conseil d´Administration 2017


Président: Gilbert Kohl

Vice-Président: Tim Loutsch

Secretaire: Carole Merens

Trésorier: Sally Weimerskirch

Membre: Frank Seny

Membre: Romain Houtsch

Membre: Jerry Medernach



Association Headquarters

49, rue Emile Metz
L-2149 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 691 842 337
Contact: Contact Form or info[at]
Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés: F6996



Foundation members

In 2007, the Boulder Klub Letzebuerg, asbl, the first and only bouldering association in Luxembourg, was founded by:

Dr. Jerry Medernach is a Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer and Trainer C Sport Climbing. He started sport climbing in 2002 and managed to redpoint climbing routes up to 8b/+. From 2008-2011, he was a member of the German National Climbing Team in NRW and from 2010-2012 he was in the Luxembourgish National Climbing Team. From 2012-2015, he was the President of the B.K.L, and in 2015 he was honored for his outstanding dedication to the association with the title "Président d´Honneur".

Ben Medernach, Jerry´s brother, also started climbing in 2002 and was the President of  B.K.L. from 2007-2012. He studied Geography in Metz (F) and works as a teacher in the Lycée Technique in Ettelbrück. Regarding climbing, he managed sport climbing routes up to 8a, but he always preferred short, powerful bouldering moves.

Jacqueline Levy

Jacqueline Levy was from 2007 - 2015 the secretary of the Boulder Klub Letzebuerg. From 2015-2016, she was the vice president of the association and although she has never tried sport climbing or bouldering, she has been supporting every single event of the B.K.L. and is always a great help for various office works.
Alex Hoffmann

Alex Hoffmann studied in Munich and has a diploma in Electrical Engineering and Information. As one of the foundation members, he has been the Treasurer from 2007-2014. Alex started sport climbing after he met Jerry in 2004. Since then, both have spent many weeks abroad doing big walls and sport climbing. In 2006, Alex and Jerry founded the homepage which became later the official page of the N.C.C.

 Christian André Christian "Di" André has a Master in Mechanical and Process Engineering  and has been a member of the Commitee of the B.K.L. since 2007. He met Jerry in 2003 and both spent plenty of hours on Jerry´s private bouldering wall - This was the time before B.K.L. was founded and when climbers did not have today's climbing opportunities. He managed to climb 7b+ redpoint outdoor, but had to stop climbing in 2007 due to health problems.

In thoughts

As pictures say more than words, here shall be listed a selection of photos of those climbers who supported B.K.L. since its foundation in 2007.

Kjugekull Championnat Assemblée Générale
BKL 2013 Rocklands
Boulder Cup Yosemite Albarracin
Kjugekull Championnat Championnat
Team BKL



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