11 March 2023

Volunteers wanted for Rock the Bloc

Dear climbers,

We're looking for volunteers to help with Rock the Bloc. :D
If you're interested, please send a text/whatsapp to Tabitha Mann +316 1399 0350. Tasks that needs to be done are:

  • Removing holds from the walls and holds on 11 and 12 April
  • Removing holds from the walls and holds on May 5 (evening)
  • Grillmeisters for the BBQ and bartenders during the finals May 7


Your BKL team

10 March 2023

Join Rock the Bloc



Dear climbers,


Yes, Rock the Bloc is back again!

Rock the Bloc is a fun and inclusive competition where the boulders are accessible and challenging for all climbers – if you’re a beginner or a semi-prof it doesn’t matter. During the qualifications from 17 April to 5 May 2023 we have 40 boulder problems. The first 3 finalists of the category woman and man from the first round last September and this second round starting in April get an invitation for the finals on 7 May 2023. The finals are open for everyone to watch. During the finals we have live music, drinks and food.


Who can participate in Rock the Bloc?

Anyone and everyone!! The Rock the Bloc event is open to absolutely everyone and we truly encourage everyone to come try their hardest to complete as many of the boulder problems. To make you participation official, it is important to submit your results on before Friday May 5 21:00 hrs. In order to do so, you need to have/make an (free) account on 

Firstly, prizes will be available for everyone who submitted their results on, not just finalists, by means of a lottery. Participating and trying to complete as many boulders as possible will increase your chances of winning prizes in the lotter. For every boulder problem you solved, your name will go in the lottery.


When was/is Rock the Bloc?

This Rock the Bloc is organised in two rounds. The first round was from 9 – 23 September 2022. The second round is from 17 April to 5 May 2023. The finals of the competition will be on 7 May 2023.


What happens if I didn't do the first qualifying round in September 2022?

No problem, you can participate in this round and still win a spot in the finals. See more below on who goes to the finals.


How much does Rock the Bloc cost?

Rock the Bloc will have a one-time fee of €10 on your first entrance during the event from 17 April to 5 May. We register the names of everyone who has paid this one-time fee to make sure we don’t ask you to pay this fee twice. After this one-time fee, every entrance during the duration of the event will cost the same as the usual entrances:

  • €2 for students
  • €4 for non-students


Is participation mandatory?

In some sense yes, participation is mandatory as we will ask everyone to pay the €10 one-time fee on their first entrance during the event period. Beyond that, you are not obligated to register your scores.

However, even if you don’t want to participate in a competitive manner, we strongly encourage you to try your hardest and register all your successful climbs on as this may entitle you to win prizes in the lottery.

While it may seem inconvenient to pay the one-time fee, especially if you decide not to compete for a place in finals, we would like to point out that this will help us as a non-profit club to support our setters who work very hard on designing the gym and providing new problems consistently throughout the year for your enjoyment. Furthermore, it helps the gym generate reserves to organizes more events and sustain itself.


How does participation work?

Once you’ve paid your one-time fee you start “participating in the event”:

  • We will record your name at BKL as you already paid your one-time fee.
  • We will give you a physical score card.

It is now up to you if you want to participate competitively and try to qualify for finals OR participate for fun and compete with friends and the community to see your progress. If you participate competitively and want to try your shot at a spot in finals or want to win a prize from the lottery, then you must register at and record your climbs on our competition page: and have to submit your scores latest on Friday 5 May 21:00 hrs.


What is the scorecard? What does it do?

There are two types of scorecards:

  • The physical scorecard:
  • The digital scorecard:

The physical scorecard is given to you once you pay the one-time fee. On the card you will find all the boulder problems and gives you the possibility to note down your successful climbs. You will also find information on how to register your score online on The digital scorecard is available to everyone online on after you’ve created an account. It will be used to decide on the finalists and lottery.


What counts as a successful climb/ a completed boulder?

A climb is successful, or a boulder is completed when you can finish the boulder problem from start to finish without falling or touching the ground and using only the holds of that problem. You must start with both hands on the designated starting holds, it can be one hold or it can be two different holds, your choice of how you want to place your hands on the starting holds).

You must validate the boulder problem by having both hands on the final hold in a stable position for 3 seconds. You can use as many attempts as you want. It does not have to be done on the first attempt. Using more attempts will not penalize you in the qualifying round.


How do I score points during qualifying?

You can score points by completing boulder problems. Each boulder starts with an initial number of points that can be earned. They are then divided amongst the people who complete the boulder. The fewer the number of people the more those people earn points for completing that problem. The more people complete a boulder the less points these people gain points for that problem. You have to submit your scores latest on Friday 5 May 21:00 hrs.


Who goes to finals?

The top 3 performers of each gender in the first and second qualifying rounds get invited to the finals on May 7. This means the top 3 men and the top 3 women of qualifying round 1 AND the top 3 men and the top 3 women of qualifying round 2 will be the finalists. If it is the same name, the next one in row gets invited. If any of the top 3 finalists are not available for the finals, we go down the list of the qualifying round 2 leaderboard to ask for participation in the finals.


A big thank you to our sponsor Casper's Climbing Shop and the band Kakumori.


Your BKL Team